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Danny Duncan Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, and Merch



Duncan is an American internet creator and influencer who is best known for his popular YouTube channel. The Danny Duncan net worth figure is estimated to be $6 million as of 2022.

youtuber danny duncan poses with helmet and yellow shirt
Danny Duncan Photo Credit: (Twitter/@DannyDuncan69)

Early Life and Bio

Full NameDanny Duncan A.K.A Garry Winthrope
Birth Date / AgeJuly 27, 1992 / 29 Years Old
Birth PlaceEnglewood, Florida, USA
Source of WealthYouTube
Relationship StatusSingle
Height5 ft. 10 in. / 1.78 m.
Net Worth$6 Million

Danny Duncan was born in July of 1992 in Englewood, Florida. While his father’s name is not known, we are aware that his mother’s name is Susan. His parents separated and Danny gained a half-brother named Matthew in addition to his sister, whose name is not public.

Interestingly, the YouTuber also goes by the name Garry Winthrope, which could be his birth name.

As far as education is concerned, Duncan attended and graduated from Lemon Bay High in his hometown. Afterward, he got a job at a local Walgreens but decided to quit after a few months.

Actually, he began chasing a YouTube career to help his mom’s struggling financial situation.

youtuber danny duncan poses with collared shirt and jacket over shoulder
Danny Duncan Photo Credit: (Twitter/@DannyDuncan69)

Danny Duncan Net Worth and Career

Duncan launched his self-titled YouTube channel back in 2014. Now, he possesses an impressive 6.38 million subscribers to go along with 1.4 billion views in total.

At first, Danny uploaded videos on skateboarding or how to fix ankle injuries. Then, he began taking it more seriously after actor Jason Lee convinced him. He began collaborating with fellow YouTuber Christopher Chan.

By 2016, Duncan had built a solid fanbase around his comedic prank videos. Around this time, he posted a video titled “Falling with 30,000 Pennies”, which has gone on to be his most viewed video, currently boasting 31 million views.

In 2017, Danny had a massive jump in success. That year, he launched his line of merchandise called “Virginity Rocks” and coincidingly went on a tour across the United States. He performed in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville, New York City, and Chicago.

Danny Duncan Instagram and Twitter

Currently, the internet entertainer has 3.1 million followers on his Instagram account. To accompany that, Duncan possesses 184,300 Twitter followers as of March 2022.

Additionally, Duncan has a notable 5.3 million fans on TikTok, along with 65.8 million likes.

Danny Duncan Merch

On all of Danny’s social media profiles, fans can click on a link to his official website. When there, viewers can see where he will be performing in the future as well as purchase his extensive line of merchandise.

Impressively, his apparel can be found in stores such as Zumiez, Tillys, Spencers, and Amazon.


Danny is no stranger to being involved in controversies since jumping into the spotlight. Once, he uploaded a video of himself in a pool in the back of a pick-up truck that was driving down the highway. He was booked for endangering his own safety as well as other drivers’ safety.

Then, he called out fellow YouTuber Fousey Tube for staging all of his prank videos, posting a video titled Real PROOF FouseyTube is Fake! Actor Speaks Out!

Lastly, one of his former employees who goes by SunhatKid accused Danny of continuous physical abuse in the workplace, citing that he repeatedly beat him and even threatened him with a knife.

Danny Duncan Net Worth

The Danny Duncan net worth figure of $6 million has been amassed over the last eight years. His profits largely stem from his YouTube channel, his merch, as well as his nationwide tours.

Commendably, Danny bought his hardworking mother a new house with his earnings. Later, he posted a video documenting the surprise titled Surprising My Mom With A New House!

Danny Duncan FAQ

How old is Danny Duncan?

Duncan celebrates his birthday every year on July 27th. Being born in 1992, the YouTuber will be 30 years old in the summer of 2022.

How tall is Danny Duncan?

The Floridian is listed as standing approximately five feet ten inches and weighing about 130 pounds. In other words, Duncan stands roughly 1.78 meters and weighs in the ballpark of 57 kilograms.

What did Danny Duncan do?

Oftentimes when someone asks that they are referring to the accusation of physical abuse from former employee and influencer SunhatKid. He claims Duncan repeatedly beat him and even put a knife to his throat.

Danny Duncan News

youtuber danny duncan takes selfie with llama
Danny Duncan Photo Credit: (Twitter/@DannyDuncan69)
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