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Scott Gillen Net Worth: How Rich is Scott Gillen Actually in 2022?



Scott Gillen Net Worth

Scott Gillen is an American designer, builder, commercial director, and a former stunt driver. He is best known for appearing in Bravo TV’s reality series “Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles”. He is introduced in the show as one of the top contractors of recent years. Scott is also the founder of a brokerage firm, Unvarnished. As of 2022, Scott Gillen net worth is estimated to be over $50 million.

Full NameScott Gillen
Birth DateN/A
Birth PlaceUnited States
ProfessionDesigner, Builder
Net Worth$50 million

Early life

Scott Gillen was born in the United States of America. He has not shared enough information on his past life, parents, and academic detail. Though, we got to know that he used to spend a lot of hours in the garage. Likewise, he used to skip his school lectures and go racing on Mulholland Boulevard.

Scott built a dune buggy from the old scratch when he was just 15. He constructed a dune buggy from an engine, which he found at some corner of the junkyard. He didn’t get formal training on the mechanical aspect from anyone. Scott has learned all things from himself.

Scott Gillen Net Worth & Career

Gillen became more passionate about building new cars. Soon, he constructed his second car and named it Volkswagen Beetle. In 1965, he built another car, Mustang, and end up building another one, Camaro in 1967. By reaching 16, he left his home and started living in his friend’s house. With the help of one of his friends, who had a connection in Hollywood, he found a job as a scriptwriter.

Later, he was featured as a stuntman on CBS’s action-comedy series “The Dukes of Hazzard”. He continued to get work as a stunt driver in some other notable series like “Hooper, The Blues Brothers” and “The Fall Guy”.

He had spent 5 years as a stuntman jumping from the upper roads to lower roads. Likewise, he has done parachute tricks and motorcycle stunts. However, after some time, he suffered from injury and had to take retirement from his stuntman work. After that, he started a truck rental facility, through which, he supplied trucks for commercial business use.

At the same time, he was also working as a director for many automotive commercials. He worked behind the camera directing automotive commercial ads for around 7 and a half years. Later, he turned into a designer after meeting his wife Teri. Early in his starting days, he transformed the 1928 bungalow into a live/workspace using exposed beams and a glass garage.

After some time, he moved his place to Malibu. Surprisingly, after moving into a new place, his 1928 bungalow which was transformed into a new space, was sold within 1 hour. After that, Scott realized that he could build up his career by getting into the real estate industry. Soon after some time, he launched a brokerage firm, Unvarnished Co.

Gillen has developed some of the expensive and stunning houses in Malibu. He has in fact developed houses for the celebrities David Duchovny and Matthew Perry. Scott is somewhere responsible for raising up the value of real estate prices in Malibu. He is presently making an appearance in Bravo TV’s Mission Dollar Listing: LA, as one of the leading contractors.

Scott Gillen Personal Life

Scott Gillen is married to a lady named Teri. His wife, Teri has been by his side since his struggling days. She was there to support and encourage him to take up a new career path as a designer when they moved to their new place Malibu from Venice. Teri was pregnant by the time when they were residing in Venice. Now, their daughter, Sofia has quite grown up who must be in her 20s.

Scott Gillen Net Worth

As of 2022, Scott Gillen’s personal wealth is estimated to be over $50 million. Three years back, he invested $50 million on 24 acres of undeveloped land in Malibu and made an announcement of his The Case Project.

The project includes the five minimalist mansions. One of his houses has already been sold out for under $40 million. However, the entire community has not yet got completed because of the Pandemic going on due to COVID-19.

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