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Otoniel Net Worth: How Rich is Dairo Antonio Usuga Actually?



Otoniel Net Worth

Dario Antonio Úsuga is a Colombian Drug Trafficker who is considered to be one of the most dangerous criminals currently in Colombia who has been accused of killing those who come in the way of running his drug cartel, including police officers. Otoniel net worth is unavailable at the moment and is still under review.

Full NameDario Antonio Úsuga
Birth DateSeptember 15, 1971
Birth PlaceNecocli, Antioquia, Colombia
ProfessionDrug Trafficker
Relationship StatusN/A
Net WorthUnder Review

Early Life

Dario was a part of the Popular Liberation Army which was known as a communist guerilla group with whom he was reportedly associated with until 1991. He was then a part of the United Self-Defences of Colombia. Though this was a far-right paramilitary group, it was also a drug trafficking group through which Dario got active in drug trafficking.

Otoniel Net Worth and Career


Later on, he became a part of the infamous drug trafficking group known as Los Urabeños which was run by the drug kingpin named Daniel Rendón Herrera. It was here that Dario would climb up the ladder of this illegal business and over time, his influence over the group got so big that he took control of the entire group alongside his brother named Giovanni.

They were running a very risky business that also involved a lot of killing. His brother, Giovanni would also not be able to survive with this risk and as a result, would lose his life during a police raid. Since then, rather than backing out, Dario decided to take the complete leadership to continue the cartel.

Over the years, he has also become known as a leader of the drug trafficking group called Gulf Clan where he is better known by the name called Otoniel. Under his leadership, the organization has become notoriously known to be among the most violent organizations in the world.

Some of the crimes they are guilty of include killing police officers who were working on chasing them, sexually abusing children, as well as the recruitment of minors to run parts of their business. This is not something that has just happened in the last couple of years but rather has been happening for a decade.

However, the police were not able to get a hold of him during this time. Since a lot of the drugs that they supply are to the United States of America, he is high on their target list and has provided a reward of up to $5 million to provide the information leading to capturing him.

The Colombian government has also been chasing him for a long time and offered a bounty of $800,000 for those who were successful in capturing him. Finally, after many years, Dario was captured by the Columbian authority in October of 2021. By the time he was arrested, he already had a total of 132 warrants that were placed against him.

This has been considered as a big achievement for the government there as their organization’s crimes resulted in homicide increasing by more than 400% there.

Personal Life

There is no information present regarding the marital status of Dario nor if he has any children. Now that he is captured, there might be more information that might come regarding this in the coming days.

Otoniel Net Worth

As of 2022, Otoniel’s net worth is still under review. Dario’s organization was responsible for operating in 13 of the 32 departments of drugs in Colombia which amounts to many millions of dollars of illegal business they were operating. Thus, further investigation will be able to show how much money he was able to make through his crimes.

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