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Nick Briz Net Worth: How Rich is the YouTuber Actually in 2022?



Nick Briz Net Worth

Nick Briz is a Youtuber and social media personality who is best known for posting videos of himself playing in basketball games in community courts and parks against the strangers who come there. His Youtube channel has gotten more than 650,000 subscribers since he first joined. As of 2022, Nick Briz net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

Full NameNick Briz
Birth DateJuly 22, 1995
Birth PlaceOviedo, Florida
ProfessionYoutuber and Social Media Personality
Relationship StatusSingle (probably)
Net Worth$400,000

Early Life

Nick was born on July 22, 1995, in Oviedo, Florida. He graduated from Hagerty High School. It is not clear whether Nick pursued his further education in university or not.

Nick Briz Net Worth and Career

Nick started posting on his Youtube channel back in 2018. Yet, currently, his oldest video is posted in January of 2020 which shows that he has made some heavy edits. This was a video about him playing basketball on a community court with some strangers as well as his mates in Florida.

Over the year, Nick started to release more of such videos with a similar theme. His videos regularly get around 1 million views and often have very dramatic titles such as strangers who he played against him wanting to start a fight.

However, the reason that his popularity on Youtube has grown steadily to over 650k in such a quick amount of time is that the video titles are not clickbait. In some of the videos that he has posted, there are real scenes of the strangers he is playing against starting fights with him over the game.

Though in most of the videos, these are simply just confrontations that happen in the flow of the game, there are also some clips that shows the real fights that were occurring. There are also some videos that show that he was in a confrontation with another player and this resulted in the entire group of the person coming together and fighting against him.

Nick has also been active on Instagram where he has amassed over 550,000 followers as well as TikTok which is the platform where he has the most followers that have crossed over 800k now. His videos on Youtube have been watched more than 45 million times already. The controversy that is present in most of the videos that he creates has made his accounts popular.

His growing popularity has led to other famous people also becoming part of his games. In one of the videos that he posted on TikTok, it is seen that he is playing together with the popular rapper named Snoop Dogg with the two enjoying a game of basketball.

Nick definitely has a passion for basketball and he is very good at it as well with his major strength being in making dunks which are also one of the main reasons that his videos are watched so much. However, it seems that Nick is not pursuing Basketball as a profession but simply plays these games as a hobby and records them.

It is not known what he does for a living other than making these videos.

Personal Life

Though Nick regularly posts videos about the basketball games that he plays, there are no videos which are specifically about his personal life. He is currently not in a relationship.

Nick Briz Net Worth

As of 2022, Nick Briz has an estimated net worth of $400,000. He probably works a full-time job in order to support himself and his expenses since Nick hasn’t monetized his videos much though they have been able to get millions of views over the years.

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