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KTS Dre Wiki: Age, Bio, Real Name, Net Worth, Career & Death




Londre Sylvester, who was better known by the stage name KTS Dre and Kutthroat Dreko, was an American rapper. He was killed brutally and declared dead on July 10, 2021, after just being released from prison. As of 2022, KTS Dre’s net worth is still under review.

Real NameLondre Sylvester
Birth Date/ AgeApril 6, 1990/ 31 years old
Birth PlaceChicago, United States
Relationship StatusNot Available
Net WorthUnder Review

Early Life

Londre Sylvester aka KTS Drew was born on April 6, 1990. Not much is known about his early life at all.


Sylvester adopted the stage name of KTS Dre and pursued a career as a rapper. However, only some of his work has gained some recognition which indicates that maybe Londre was still working some other job to support himself. This is because he didn’t have songs that were a major success with any success he had been focused on the underground scene. Maybe if it were not for his killing, in the future, more people would have become aware of the songs he produced.

Personal Life & Death

On July 10, 2021, Saturday Londre Sylvester was declared dead in the hospital. He had just been out of Cook County Jail with his fiancé paying a $5000 deposit for his bail. However, the other day when he was released, two gunmen started to fire dozens of shots at him. There was also an elderly woman in the location which police have confirmed to be 2700 block of South California Avenue.

Sylvester had been fined on charges of violating a previous bond which led to him having to pay the $5000. He was spotted carrying a gun in April 2020 which led to his arrest. Furthermore, the officers would find out that Sylvester was actually on parole for a gun conviction that occurred in 2015. This background of Sylvester dictated the future events that went on to keep him in jail.

His fiancé has posted about his bail only some time ago which might have been the source of information used by criminals to plan Sylvester’s killing by anticipating he was going to be released. Before this, Sylvester had also been living under house arrest with a GPS monitoring device that only allowed him to leave the house for 4 hours to run errands.

Some suspect that Sylvester had bad blood with people of other gangs as he too was associated with one. Though nothing concrete has been made public yet, this could probably be cited as the main reason for his killing. Furthermore, he was shot more than 60 times which shows that those who came to kill him or were sent to kill him came with a sense of revenge and vengeance.

KTS Dre Net Worth

As of 2022, KTS Dre’s net worth is still under review. Londre’s rap career was still in an early stage and he was still looking for a breakthrough. This along with the huge fees that were involved in his situation with the law is the reason why we can expect Londre’s net worth to be only average.

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