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Jonathan Irons Net Worth: How Rich is Maya Moore’s Husband?



Jonathan Irons Net Worth

Jonathan Irons is the husband of American WNBA star, Maya Moore. Irons was sentenced to 50 years for burglary and assault in 1998. He was freed from prison on July 22, 2020, after a county prosecutor, Tim Lohmar, declined to retry his case. Jonathan Irons net worth is still not known and under review at the moment.

Full NameJonathan Irons
Birth Date1980
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
WifeMaya Moore
Net WorthUnder Review

Early life

Jonathan Irons was born in 1980 in the United States of America. Nothing is much known about his early life, parents, and educational background. At 18 years of age, he was convicted on the charges of burglary and shooting. It’s in the report that he broke down in Stanley Stotler’s house, and shot him twice. Stotler, who was living in O’Fallon was armed like his assailant.

Jonathan Irons’ Career

Irons was caught by the police as the main suspect who illegally broke down into Stotler’s house. However, he kept on insisting that he was not even present at the crime scene, and was misidentified. Though his words were taken seriously and he was convicted for 50 years in prison.

In March 2020, after hearing Jonathan’s testimony, a Missouri Judge, Daniel Green vacated his conviction. Green revealed a fingerprint report, which was taken from the Stotler’s house. The fingerprint report was never presented in the court by Iron’s defense team. According to the report, the fingerprint neither belonged to Jonathan nor the crime victim, Stotler.

Daniel Green further revealed that if the fingerprint would have submitted earlier, Iron’s defense would have surely received unassailable forensic evidence, that would back Iron’s innocence strongly. After proving Iron’s case weak and circumstantial at best, the Missouri Judge, Daniel Green cleared all his charges.

However, the St. Charles County’s lead prosecutor, Tim Lohmar could retry the case, but he didn’t decline his case. As a result, Irons was freed from the Jefferson City Correctional Center on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Maya Moore, the popular WNBA star was one of Iron’s supporters who was standing by his side claiming that he was falsely convicted. She was even present at the Correctional Center when he was released on July 22. Maya and her family were actually working hard to get him release from prison for many years.

Maya met Irons first time in 2007 through prison ministry. She was then making a penitentiary visit. Moore started talking publicly about Irons in 2016. During that time, she was strongly advocating against the legal system of the USA. Moore even took a leave from her WNBA career to support Irons on his final appeal. Moore hired one of the in-demand defense attorneys, Kent Gipson to handle Irons’ case.

Jonathan Irons Personal Life

Jonathan Irons married one of his biggest support, Maya Moore in 2020. He actually put a marriage proposal to Maya in a hotel room after his release. Jonathan shared that he got down on his knees, and looked up at her, and asked her “will you marry me”. On a reply, he got a positive answer from Moore, who said yes.

While talking to GMA in 2020, Irons revealed that “I wanted to marry her but at the same time protect her because being in a relationship with a man in prison, it’s extremely difficult and painful”.

Jonathan Irons Net Worth

Jonathan Irons was released from prison in 2020, and yet to find a career-changing profession that would help him to gather a hefty net worth in the future. As of now, his exact net worth figure is still under the curtain. On the other hand, his wife, Maya Moore holds an estimated net worth of $350 thousand.

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