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Jeffrey Dahmer Net Worth: How Rich was the Killer Actually?



Jeffrey Dahmer Net Worth

Jeffrey Dahmer, also recognized as Milwaukee Monster was a notorious American serial killer. He committed 16 murders and was convicted of 15 murders that he had committed in Wisconsin. In February 1992, he was sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment. Jeffrey Dahmer net worth before his death is estimated to be around $2 million.

Full Name Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer
Birthday May 21, 1960
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Profession Serial Killer
Relationship Status Unknown
Net Worth $2 million
Died November 28, 1994

Early Life

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on 21 May 1960 in Milwaukee. His father, Lionel Herbert Dahmer was a research chemist. And his mom, Joyce Annette (nee Flint) was a teletype machine instructor. Neither of his parents didn’t give much time on his upbringing.

In his early years, he used to hear a lot of arguments between his parents. That eventually developed extreme tension and had started feeling unsure of the solidity of the family. Jeffrey became the elder brother of his new baby brother in December 1966. He named his brother, David.

Jeffrey Dahmer Net Worth & Career


Dahmer began showing interest in dead animals when he was four. At that time, he used to see attentively watch his dad removing animal bones from beneath his family house. Jeffrey also learned how to preserve animal bones from his father. He became an outcast in his freshman year at Revere High School. Jeffrey used to drink hard alcohol and beer during daylight hours.

While in school, he played tennis for a brief time in the high school band. He graduated from high school in May 1978. That same year, his mom and brother moved to live with relatives in Chippewa Falls. He was 18 and staying alone in the family house.

Jeffrey committed his first murder after 3 weeks after his graduation in 1978. He had killed a hitchhiker, Steven Mark Hicks, whom he killed with a 10-pound dumbbell. After he strangled Hicks to death, he dissected his body in his basement the next day. After a few weeks, he pared the flesh from bones. While he dissolved flesh in acid, he crushed bones using a sledgehammer.

Jeffrey was enlisted in the US Army in January 1979. He also went through basic training at Fort McClellan before getting trained as a medical specialist at Fort Sam Houston. Jeffrey used to get intoxicated occasionally while he was stationed at Fort Sam Houston. In March 1981, he was discharged from the Army calling him unsuitable for military service.

Dahmer killed 17-year-old Curtis Straughter in February 1991. He strangled Curtis to death with a leather strap. After 2 months, he killed 19-year-old, Errol Lindsey. Then, in May 1991, he killed a 14-year-old, Konerak Sinthasomphone. Jeffrey was questioned about the murders he had committed on the basis of the evidence found at his apartment in July 1991.

Jeffrey was charged with 4 counts of first-degree murder in July 1991. Additionally, he was charged with 11 eleven murders that he had committed in Wisconsin. He pleaded guilty to 15 counts of murder in January 1992. Netflix premiered the series titled Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on September 21. The drama series is attracting huge ratings and strong reactions.

Personal Life

Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay sex offender. When he was in his early to mid-teenage, he started fantasizing about dominating a male partner. Jeffrey also dated a teenage boy in his early teens.

Jeffrey was cleaning a staff locker room before he attacked Jesse Anderson. Later, another inmate named Christopher Scarver killed both Anderson and Dahmer. The investigators concealed a 20-inch iron bar that was used to kill Anderson and Dahmer. For the murder, Scarver was sentenced to 2 additional terms of life imprisonment on May 15, 1995. After Dahmer’s death, his body was cremated and his parents handed over his ashes.

Jeffrey Dahmer Net Worth

Jeffrey Dahmer’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2022. Dahmer used to approach men for nude photographs and sexual pleasure offering them a lucrative amount. After his death, Jeffrey’s net worth was awarded to the families of 11 of his victims who sued for damages. Later, the victims’ families announced the auction of his estate.

Then, Milwaukee Civic Pride was established to raise funds to buy and destroy Dahmer’s possessions. Subsequently, the civic group pledged $407,225 for the purchase of Dahmer’s estate. Later, his possessions were destroyed and buried in an undisclosed landfill in Illinois.

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