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Dan Jewett Net Worth: How Rich is Mackenzie Scott’s Husband?



Dan Jewett Net Worth

Dan Jewett is a high school chemistry teacher. He has come to public attention after marrying Mackenzie Scott who was previously the wife of one of the richest people in the world Jeff Bezos. As of 2022, Dan Jewett net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Full NameDan Jewett
Birth Date1975-03-06
Birth PlaceSeattle, United States
ProfessionHigh School Chemistry Teacher
Relationship StatusMarried to Mackenzie Scott
Net Worth$1 million

Early Life

Dan Jewett studied at Eastern University where he graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Jewett has not disclosed much about the details of his upbringing.

Dan Jewett Net Worth and Career

Dan has been working at the Lakeside School since 2016 which is among the best private high schools in the Washington area. The school has some well-known alumni with the most famous personality being Bill Gates as well as Maria Fitel who is the first-ever president of the Nike Foundation. It is here that Dan is rumored to have known Mackenzie Scott since her children study in this high school.

Before working at Lakeside School, Dan was working at the Bush School where he was part of the teaching staff for around 5 years. Dan has worked mostly as a teacher throughout his career with him having the background of working in the observatory department in Eastern University in the early part of his career. It is also documented that Dan taught AP chemistry for around a year in 2006 in Harrington High School in Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Dan Jewett and Mackenzie Scott were married two years after Mackenzie divorced her then-husband Jeff Bezos. This divorce was highly publicized in the media especially because of the huge amount of money that was involved in the divorce. After the divorce, Mackenzie Scott would become among the richest people in the world with a net worth of $53 billion. Dan currently lives together with Mackenzie and her four children at their home in Seattle. It is not clear if Dan has been married before or has any children of his own.

Dan’s wife Mackenzie has now filed for divorce after less than two years of their marriage.

Dan Jewett Net Worth

As of 2022, Dan Jewett has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Dan is a chemistry teacher and takes home a salary in the range of $60,000 to $100,000 per year. Since he is an experienced teacher that too at one of the best private high schools throughout the United States, he is probably earning on the higher spectrum of that range.

His wife Mackenzie’s huge wealth has made her the attention of the media in recent days. Especially since she has been part of the Giving Pledge to give away most of the wealth she possesses throughout her life. Dan has written regarding this in a letter where he mentions that he is grateful to be part of this mission.

Recently it was also announced that the two together had given $40 million to the University of Texas which was the largest gift the institution had received which shall be used for turning to help it for their strategic growth as well as excellence in innovation.

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