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Desiree Washington Net Worth & Wiki: How Rich is She Actually?



Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington is a former Miss Black America contestant. She was part of one of the most infamous celebrity trials in the U.S. where she accused Mike Tyson of raping her on 19th July 1991. As of 2022, Desiree Washington net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.

Full NameDesiree Washington
Birth Date1973
Birth PlaceRhode Island, Providence
ProfessionFormer beauty pageant
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worth$100,000

Early Life

Washington grew up with her three siblings in Rhode Island. Her parents were Donald and Mary Washington. She graduated from Coventry High School. She was a social and friendly type of person who had a passion for modeling from a young age. She then studied at Providence College where her subject of focus was psychology. Her career choice was either being an attorney or a politician in the future.

Desiree Washington Net Worth and Career

Her passion for modeling was starting to take shape as she was the winner of the Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991. This led to her journey to be part of the Miss Black America pageant when she was 18 years of age. It is at this time that she would meet Mike Tyson with the two making an appearance in a video where Tyson sings a rap song.

Tyson had asked Washington out and gave the number to the phone number of his hotel room. According to Washington, Tyson was drunk when she arrived in his hotel room and had requested to be intimate with her. However, after she declined, Tyson got aggressive and the resistance led to her being forced by Tyson.

Washington had first mentioned the incident to her roommate and would later go to court. She had been examined within 24 hours in Methodist Hospital which confirmed she had been raped because of a small abrasion seen in her inner vagina wall. This incident would soon become public with all the media focusing their attention on this incident.

However, Tyson still denies that he raped Washington and says that they did have sex but that it was completely with consent. Tyson would be arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison but the four years of the sentence were suspended. Eventually, Tyson would spend three years behind the bars for this incident.

Personal Life

The incident had a severe impact on Washinton’s personal life as her parents would split up after the incident. Even her siblings faced a hard time in school as the incident would be brought out to ridicule the family members. As a result, Desiree Washington has stayed away from the public eye since this incident and much of her personal life has been kept private.

Desiree Washington Net Worth

As of 2022, Desiree Washington has an estimated net worth of $100,000. After the trial was over, rumors started to emerge that Tyson had to pay upwards of $200,000 for the case. However, it has not been disclosed how much Tyson paid Desiree Washington in damages from the lawsuit.

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