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Todd Hoffman Net Worth: How Rich is the Businessman Actually?



Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman is an American businessman and entrepreneurial investor. He is best known for his appearance on the Netflix series, Pepsi, Where’s My Jet. Hoffman is also a free-spirited adventurous streak who has been climbing up the mountain through his veins. As of 2022, Todd Hoffman net worth is roughly around $10 million.

Hoffman can be seen in Netflix’s Pepsi, Where’s My Jet sharing his side of how and why he financed close friend, John Leonard’s efforts to earn a Harrier jet in sweepstakes.

Full Name Todd Hoffman
Birthday 1950s
Birthplace Sandy, Oregon
Profession Businessman
Wife Unknown
Net Worth $10 million

Early Life 

Todd Hoffman was born in mid of the 1950s to Burton and Phyllis Wiesein Hoffman. Hoffman grew up with two brothers, His mother shared that Todd was not like his brothers. She mentioned in the Netflix original that Todd was a very active baby in the crib and had started shaking the slats.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth & Career

Hoffman knew that he wanted to travel the globe and experience different cultures when he reached 16. He grew up in the automobile business, Hoffman Motors which was started by his grandfather in 1921. The original name was later changed and rebranded to Hoffman Oldsmobile. Later on, it further expanded and became Hoffman Enterprises.

Over the years, the automobile business had several Oldsmobile franchises and dealerships for Toyota, Honda, and Hoffman Ford. After being involved in the car business for a brief stint, he completely shifted gears and stepped into the publishing world. Todd has since been involved in real estate, restaurants, and venture capitalism as a primary investor.

Hoffman came into the limelight after he was featured on the Netflix original, Pepsi, Where’s my Jet. The Netflix series tells the story of Todd Hoffman and John Leonard who made an attempt to take on Pepsi after they alleged that a commercial jokingly offered a brand new Harrier jump jet for 7 million Pepsi labels. Leonard took the commercial accompanying seriously and decided to take Pepsi at its word. In more than four episodes of the Netflix series, it shows one young man’s determination to take on a multinational corporation to get what it had promised him.

Hoffman was introduced as the secret sauce of the whole crazed scheme of getting a $23 million Harriet Jet. He met Leonard on a mountaineering trip and there he realized that Leonard needed $700 thousand to force a fighter jet out of Pepsi. After coming to know about the crazy scheme, Hoffman became interested in it. However, the fizzy drink company was never serious about the commercial that they had shared.

In fact, the ad was clearly a joke. In the Netflix series, it was revealed that the lawyer of Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti pops up to help them fight against Pepsi. After Leonard and Hoffman sued Pepsi, the company revealed that instead of hiring lawyers and suing them, the two could have done the right thing. In the end, the district court determined that the commercial of Pepsi didn’t constitute a genuine offer as it was littered with jokes and hyperbole.

Personal Life

Todd Hoffman’s present relationship status is unknown. He has remained close friends with John Leonard even after losing in a court battle and giving up Pepsi’s settlement offer, In the early 1990s, Todd survived an episode of brain cancer and faced another harrowing bout of cancer in the year 2021. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, it didn’t prevent him from climbing. 

Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2022. He has earned a hefty sum from his lifestyle and other ventures such as real estate, venture capitalism, and restaurants. Todd has been a successful business for being involved in a range of industries from automotive to real estate.

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