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Sal Magluta Net Worth: How Rich is the Drug Lord Actually?



Sal Magluta Net Worth

Salvador Magluta, who was simply known as Sal Magluta, is a Cuban-born former drug lord who used to operate one of the biggest cocaine smuggling organizations along with partner Willie Falcon where at one time they had assets worth more than $2 billion in cash. Their real-life story has been presented in the documentary series called Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami. Sal Magluta net worth is not available at the moment and is under review.

Full NameSalvador Magluta
Birth DateNovember 5, 1954
Birth PlaceCuba
ProfessionFormer Drug Lord
Relationship StatusSingle
Net WorthUnder Review

Early Life

Sal grew up in Cuba where one of his best friends would become Willie Falcon. The two were very close and started to deal with drugs when they were in high school. They even decided to drop out of high school together after which they started getting even more active in selling cocaine and marijuana.

Sal Magluta Net Worth and Career

Sal and Falcon made a good team as one would work on bringing in clients while the other would close the deals. As their network started to grow and they started to develop a reputation for being the suppliers of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, they started making bigger deals with one of their early successes being a huge deal to dispose of 30 kilos of cocaine for a friend named Jorge Valdes.

But their business would be caught in April 1991 after both Sal and Magluta were indicted for drug trafficking that included the importing of more than 75 tons of cocaine. What is amazing is that they were found not guilty in their trial that lasted multiple years because of the bribery they paid out to people within the system as well as the network of powerful people they had under their circle.

Magluta would be sentenced to 9 years for jumping out on bail in 1997. He would eventually be sentenced to 205 years in federal prison because of the added crimes he was alleged for.

Personal Life

Sal Magluta is known for his relationship with Marilyn Bonachea. Sal had met Marilyn when she was only 15 years old. Though she initially resisted going out with Sal, he eventually convinced her and would start dating. However, over time, the relationship would go sour after Marilyn found out that Sal was seeing other women too.

Though they maintained a good relationship even after their breakup, Marilyn would help in catching Magluta at a later stage in their lives. Before this, Marilyn was helping Sal to keep track of his payments when he was on trial.

Marilyn got caught in the process and was facing 200 years in prison because of which she agreed to provide the necessary evidence for the arrest of Magluta.

Sal Magluta Net Worth

Sal Magluta’s net worth is currently under review. During the peak of their cocaine smuggling business, they had more than $2 billion in cash and lived a very lavish life. However, with his imprisonment and freezing of assets, there has been a drastic fall in his net worth.

Sal Magluta News

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