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Olivier Rousteing Net Worth: How Rich is the Fashion Designer Actually?



Olivier Rousteing Net Worth

Olivier Rousteing is a French Fashion Designer who is best known to be the creative director of the brand called Balmain since the last 10 years. As of 2022, Olivier Rousteing net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Full NameOlivier Rousteing 
Birth Date13 September 1985 
Birth PlaceBordeaux, France
ProfessionFashion Designer
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$5 million

Early Life

Oliver was an adopted kid who was chosen by parents when he was a 1-year-old infant. The parents who adopted him were a mother who worked as an optician while a father who worked as a senior manager. He grew up in a place called Bordeaux where he spent his childhood.

Later on, Oliver decided to study in Paris at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode. However, his expectations were not met at the university because he wanted to work on more creative things while the courses were very theoretical.

He found this to be an unproductive way for him to spend time especially considering the clear goals he had. As a result, Oliver decided to drop out in his first year of college and started to find internships where he could get a more hands-on learning opportunity.

Olivier Rousteing Net Worth and Career


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Oliver started to work as a designer for Roberto Cavalli. Because of his skills and dedication, he quickly moved up the ladder to start working as a creative director there where he served in that position for five years.

After this, he got an offer at Balmain where he started working as the creative director and went on to replace the existing creative director named Christophe Decarnin. When he was hired by Balmain, he was still a fresh face in the designing scene there.

However, his bold decisions quickly got him noticed as he worked extensively on reinventing the brand’s aesthetic and adding new elements to the brand that were not experimented with by other brands yet. The fact that he was a minority also fueled his desire even more as there were not many from his background who were leading a French House.

During his tenure, the brand has already expanded its market by opening up stores in London and New York City. Oliver was also quick to realize the power of celebrities and influencers in the age of social media for the branding of Balmain and as a result, they became the first-ever French label that had over a million followers on Instagram.

Personal Life

Oliver has publicly mentioned that he is gay though he is currently still single. Oliver had the belief that he was of mixed race but later found out that he was actually a pure African since his mother was found out to be Somali while his father was an Ethiopian.

A new documentary by Netflix called The Wonder Boy is set to examine both his professional life as well as his struggle for his biological mother which is amongst his priorities right now. Oliver has also had some other difficulties in his personal life as his home had suffered a fire explosion that led to him having several burns.

It was only later that he opened up about this horrific incident where he thanked the doctors who treated him well in the hospital even during the times of the pandemic. Reflecting on these experiences, Oliver would create a show with the theme of healing over pain too through Balmain.

Olivier Rousteing Net Worth

As of 2022, Olivier Rousteing has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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