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Lil Droptop Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually in 2021?



Lil Droptop Net Worth

Lil Droptop is a satirical comedian rapper who is best known for creating snitch songs where he exposes the personal details of celebrities in his songs. As of 2021, Lil Droptop net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.

Full Name Lil Droptop
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place Sterling Heights, Detroit, United States
Profession Satire Comedian Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $100,000

Early Life

Droptop has mentioned that he grew up in a place called Sterling Heights in Detroit. In terms of music, he first started in SoundCloud by first creating some serious music. However, over time, he decided to try different experimental music to create something new that hadn’t been done before.

Lil Droptop Net Worth and Career

It was during this time that he had one person who was always asking him for money whose name was Malik. Droptop was not cool with Malik anymore and thus he decided to create a snitch song where he exposed all of his details including their car, license plate, as well as where they lived.

This blew up on Twitter and had more than 2 million hits on the same day it was launched. As a result, he has continued to work on this format first among the people that he knew himself as well as expanding to other celebrities.

In terms of the name, Lil Droptop, he has said that he just made it up and that it doesn’t really have any special significance. Droptop also has a very unique look since he has a tracksuit and wears a belt over this tracksuit which makes a lot of people notice him online.

He believes people should take notice of him because he is doing what no one is doing, which is snitching on people and making songs off of it. Droptop’s other viral song was related to the snitching of Adam22 who is the host of the well-known podcast called NoJumper.

In the song which went viral throughout social media, Droptop mentioned many personal details about Adam22 including his social security number, license plate, phone number, and even the car that his grandmother rode.

Adam22 went on to bring Lil Droptop to his podcast in order to talk about why he does this. He is still a very new face in the rap world and many consider him to only be a comedian who is doing this as a side gig for fun. His Youtube channel is close to 7k subscribers now while his TikTok following is around 200k followers.

Lil Droptop has mentioned that he likes to post most of his snitch songs on Twitter rather than other social media platforms as Twitter doesn’t care much about such types of content while Youtube and Instagram tend to block it.

Personal Life

Lil Droptop is currently single and has mentioned that he is even on Tinder to meet women. Though he puts his own pictures in the app, he has mentioned that he often uses some false information too just as a catfish would.

Lil Droptop Net Worth

As of 2021, Lil Droptop has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

He has mentioned he has worked with reward-based works presented on billboards where he makes $25,000 per every one of those where he finds the person and their information. Then, he invests that into the stock market and bitcoin through which he is increasing his capital gradually.

But he has mentioned that in reality the people who are providing the rewards for finding information regarding people which are usually criminals, make it very difficult to get that money by bringing up different complications.

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