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Larry Kudlow Net Worth: How Rich is Fox Business Host Actually?



Larry Kudlow Net Worth

Lawrence Alan Kudlow is an American Director & Television personality who is best known as the host for Fox Network. During the time of the Trump Administration, President Trump elected Kudlow to be the Director for the National Economic Council for three years. As of 2022, Larry Kudlow net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

Full NameLawrence Alan Kudlow 
Birth DateAugust 20, 1947 
Birth PlaceEnglewood, New Jersey, U.S
ProfessionFormer National Economic Council Director & Television personality
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$12 million

Early Life

Kudlow studied at Elisabeth Morrow School after which he joined the Dwight-Englewood School from where he graduated. He then pursued his further studies through the University of Rochester through which he completed his bachelor’s with a degree that was focused on the study of history.

Kudlow had actually pursued his master’s studies as well at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs but other aspects of his life took over because of which he decided to drop from the program.

Larry Kudlow Net Worth and Career


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Kudlow started his career by working for the New York Federal Reserve where his position was as the junior financial analyst. He then decided to work in the company on Wall Street called Bear Stearns holding the same job title. At the same time, Kudlow was also active in the works related to political campaigns.

Because of these affiliations with political campaigns, he would eventually join the Ronald Reagan administration where he started his work as the associate director for economics in the Office of Management and Budget. After he completed his stint in this position, he would again come back to Bear Stearns where he served as the chief economist there.

Kudlow continued to work in this position for the next 7 years and took on some well-known campaigns on economic issues. However, this was also the time he was having personal problems with addictions. Later on, he started to work on CNBC where he provided the economic perspective as a commentator for their shows.

Some of the other organizations that Kudlow has been involved in over his career include Empower America where he was one of the board members. Furthermore, he is also part of the organization called Independent Institute as well as American Skandia Life Assurance.

Over the years, Kudlow’s work with the media would help him to present the different ideas he had on economics issues to a wider audience. He even had a show along with Jim Cramer called Kudlow & Cramer and later would also have his own show called The Kudlow Report.

After Donald Trump became elected as the President of the United States, Kudlow would be appointed as the director of the National Economic Council. He started working on this position in 2018 and would continue to work until 2021.

Personal Life

In his life, Kudlow has been married a total of three times with his first marriage occurring in 1974 with Nancy Ellen Gerstein. Their relationship ended sourly because of which Larry married for a second time in 1981 to Susan Sicher. However, after five years, Larry would get married for a third time with the lucky woman being Judith Pond.

Kudlow has suffered from addictions to both cocaine as well as to alcohol that has led to him even having to leave his work and enter into a program for this pain point. He would later convert to Catholicism which also helped through his personal problems.

Larry Kudlow Net Worth

As of 2022, Larry Kudlow has an estimated net worth of $12 Million. He earned a majority of his money working at different organizations. His salary as Director of the National Economic Council is $185,000 while he is paid around $1 million per year working at Fox News.

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