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James Khuri Net Worth: How Rich is Brendan Khuri’s Father?



James Khuri Net Worth

James Khuri is an American multi-millionaire businessman. Glowing 2020 Forbes has described James as a serial entrepreneur. He is currently holding responsibility as a CEO of two big companies; FJ Holdings and Khuri Enterprises. As of 2022, James Khuri net worth is estimated to be more than $400 million.

James recently came into the news after his teenage son Brendan Khuri hit the Los Angeles Woman Monique Munoz with his $200K Lamborghini SUV. After the incident, he faced a lot of criticism for gifting a Lamborghini to Brendan on his birthday in 2020.

Full NameJames Khuri
Birth DateN/A
Birth PlaceUnited States
Source of WealthBusinessman and Serial Entrepreneur
Relationship StatusDivorced
Net Worth$400 million

Early Life

James Khuri was born in the United States of America. Most of the information related to his past life is still missing. But, we found that he is an MBA graduate from Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

James Khuri Net Worth and Career in Business

Soon after completing his MBA, he took a step into the real estate venture. He initially started with buying New York’s medical buildings and Los Angeles’s apartment buildings in 2001. It turned out as a successful venture for him.

After that, he took a further step and manufactured and distributed the products to mercantile retail stores. His major focused was on earning profit from trading branded cards like Pokemon. Yu-Gi-Oh! and other various sports cards. James expanded his business by taking a step in the global market through Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Mercari.

Through Amazon, he sells his products to 136 countries. He is in fact a sole representative of Amazon. The multi-national e-commerce company has also shown support to him by appointing an employee to one of his companies. In fact, Amazon is helping its company to run an online platform.

Likewise, he is invited by Walmart to work on the system “Fulfilled by Walmart”. Through his company, he has started working on the idea and already processed 4,000 orders in a week.

James is currently involved as CEO of a trading card distributor company, FJ Holdings. Along with that, he is also CEO of the real estate company, Khuri Enterprises.

James has a sharp business mind, there is no doubt about that. Just at the age of 27, he created $100 million in revenue. He is planning to achieve $200 million in revenue by 2021.

James Khuri’s Wife and Son

James Khuri is currently single. He was married to Christine, with whom he separated by divorce in 2008. James has a son named Brendan Khuri from his conjugal relation with ex-wife Christine.

His son, Brendan Khuri recently got arrested by Los Angeles Police on a vehicular manslaughter charge. He actually hit the lady named Monique Munoz with his Lamborghini SUV, which was gifted by his father James Khuri.

Soon after he gifted a luxury sports car on his 17th birthday, Christine responded with no, no, no. Christine’s new husband also reacted to the incident saying the accident was waiting to happen.

James Khuri Net Worth

James Khuri has earned a big sum from his two big companies and still going strong with his e-commerce business idea. Though his exact net worth figure is unknown, we can predict his fortune must be over $400 million by 2022.

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