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Danny Fujikawa Net Worth: How Rich is Kate Hudson’s Boyfriend?



Danny Fujikawa Net Worth

Danny Fujikawa is an American musician and record label owner. He was previously a member of the band called Chief and currently runs a record label called Lightwave. As of 2021, Danny Fujikawa net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Full Name Danny Fujikawa
Birth Date June 10, 1986
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Profession Musician and Record Label Owner
Relationship Status Engaged to Kate Hudson
Net Worth $1 million

Early Life

Danny grew up in California where he studied at the Windward High School. Danny also has Japanese which he has mentioned through his social media posts. He also has two brothers named Michael and Brady with whom he grew up together.

After graduation, he went to New York University in 2004 where his focus of the study was in music. However, it was during this time that Danny along with his friends from college Evan Koga and Mike Moonves along with Danny’s brother Michael Fujikawa decided to take a different road to their musical success by starting their band called Chief.

Furthermore, during this time after dropping out, he was also taking time to travel the world.

Danny Fujikawa Net Worth and Career

Through the band Chief, Danny was the singer and also the guitarist in the band. Over the years, they managed to release several pieces of music including Might Proud, Night and Day, as well as Breaking Walls. However, over time, the group became disbanded though they are on good terms with one another. Danny then decided to start his record label called Lightwave Records in 2013 where he partnered with Chris Acosta who was part of Delta Mirror.

Danny has mentioned that one of the reasons for starting his record label was that he wanted to be releasing music on his terms and as per the kind of way in which he felt that it would be best to express music. One of their biggest talents they have signed includes a band called Shimmies.

Danny is skilled as an editor and previously also worked for Nomad Editing Company for a couple of years as an assistant editor. He has also mentioned being self-employed as an editor too so he probably does freelance work too for editing. As per his Linkedin profile, Danny has also worked as a project manager for a company called Swiim where he did research about underwater acoustic communication.

Personal Life

Danny is currently engaged to popular actress Kate Hudson with the two announcing that they are soon to get married too. Yet, before the two even had announced their relationship a couple of years ago, they had already met 15 years ago when Kate was only 23 years old. Danny was Kate’s best friend’s stepbrother. In 2017, they took their relationship public and over the years were seen together numerous times including being open about their relationship on social media.

They also have a daughter together named Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa who was born in 2018 and was named after Danny’s grandfather Ron Fujikawa. Rani is the first child for Danny with Kate also having two other children named Ryder Robinson and Bingham Bellamy from her previous relationships.

Danny loves to travel and from his social media posts, it seems that he has been around different countries including going to different parts of Asian countries such as Cambodia. Furthermore, he is also a family guy as he has posted many cute pictures together with Kate and their daughter capturing the moments of her growing up.

Danny Fujikawa Net Worth

As of 2021, Danny Fujikawa has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He earned a majority of that money as a musician and also from his own record label Lightwave.

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