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Avi Schiffman Net Worth: How Rich is Avi Schiffman Actually?



Avi Schiffman Net Worth

Avi Schiffman is an 19-year-old American web developer. He created one of the top coronavirus tracker website called “ncov2019.liv”. The website has over 30 million visitors in a day. In 2020, he was offered $8 million to put ads on his website, which he turned down. Avi Schiffman 2022 net worth is around $750 thousand.

Full NameAvi Schiffmann
Birth DateOctober 26, 2002
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
ProfessionWeb Developer
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$750 thousand

Early life

Avi Schiffman was born on the 26th of October, 2002 in California, United States. He is a high school student who is studying at Mercer Island High School. Avi started learning programming code when he was just 7 years old. He learned all information about coding from watching YouTube videos.

Avi was so keen to learn about programming. He would spend a lot of time with his laptop learning about coding. Avi has also learned a lot from web development chat rooms, where he would put programming questions to many industry professionals.

Avi Schiffman Net Worth & Career

He started working on the first coronavirus tracking website in early 2020. He named his website, before the official name Covid-19 came up. Within some time, the website started getting hundreds of millions of visitors, taking the data and information from his site.

To build a coronavirus tracking site, he went to through a lot of hard work. He started with gathering data about the new virus in china. But, he was not able to get clear data on active cases and real data from the Chinese government health website.

Through his website, he has made people easy getting real data and clear information on active COVID cases all around the globe. Instead of searching for different government data sources, people can use his website that has centralized all information that people need.

His website gets over 30 million visitors in a day. According to a report till April 2021, more than 700 million people went to his website to get real data on novel coronavirus, COVID-19. After some time his website was created, he was offered to put $8 million to put ads on his site, which he didn’t accept. He mentioned the goal of his website is not to place ads and earn money.

Avi further added, he is just 17 and doesn’t need $8 million. He also doesn’t want popups ruining the UI. By putting ads, the visitors will not be able to get quick access to his site, as it slows down the website to some extent.

Besides creating a coronavirus tracking site, he has also developed other sites. He has created the website called, which provides information on the Black Lives Matter Protests in the United States. Likewise, he created the website, during the 2020 presidential election.

Avi Schiffman Personal Life

Avi Schiffman is believed to be single right now. He has not opened up on dating anyone yet. Avi seems to be fully enjoying his life. On his Instagram, he often posts a picture, having a fun time with his friends. As of this writing, his Instagram has 22.4K followers.

Avi Schiffman Net Worth

Avi Schiffman is thinking to start up his own tech startup. He is currently waiting for his college decisions to arrive. Avi would have certainly earned a million-dollar amount if he accepted an $8 million offer. But, his 2022 net worth value is around $750 thousand.

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